Get Smooth & Happy Feet for the Summer!

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When sandal season rolls around, having smooth, baby-soft feet makes every pair of sandals or flip flops look just a little bit better. Unfortunately, the skin on our feet is thicker than on any other part of our body, so it can get rough in a hurry — and if you don’t take proper care of it, calluses can form. 

Also if you are a runner, working on feet many hours a day, living in a warm climate so you need to stay in a sandal or barefoot, or pregnancy you must have painfull calluses and absolutely you hate spending + 100$ in-salon twice a month at least. 

How calluses form?

Calluses form on any part of your body that experiences repeated friction. Guitarists, mechanics, and other people who work with their hands can develop callused fingertips or palms, but the feet are the most common area for calluses to form.

the bony areas will end to have thickened skin to protect the bone. When you remove, it will always grow back and with the blade which tends to remove the skin unevenly, you can get uneven accelerated growth. So files, pumice stones, blades, and other products get your problem accelerated growth. 

Why electric callus removers? 

Electric callus removers feature a PedEgg covered with a sandpaper-like material. As you move it over your calluses, the PedEgg head gently buffs away the dead, hard skin to removes uncomfortable calluses smooths cracked heels evenly without damaging your feet!

Electric callus remover tips:

  • Getting rid of the dead skin if it’s softened first. Soak your feet in warm water or wet them in the shower for a few minutes. Pat your feet dry to remove the excess moisture, then run the remover over your calluses to gently take them off.
  • Be careful not to take too much skin off when you use your callus remover. That can cause bleeding and possible infections. Start slowly with your remover, and take off just a little bit of the dead skin each day to avoid irritation. Moisturize your feet with lotion or cream each day to prevent calluses. In particular, look for formulas that contain salicylic acid, ammonium lactate, or urea, which can soften the skin.
  • Choose properly fitting shoes and cotton socks to minimize the friction that can cause calluses. Shoes that are too tight and wool or synthetic fiber socks can irritate and harden the skin.
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Get Smooth & Happy Feet for the Summer!

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