keep a Good Daily Face Routine!


Wants to keep a good daily face routine?

This cleansing brush has awesome cleansing capabilities to Removes a lot of dirt, grimes and exfoliates well. Your skin will look clean and has a great shine when done. 

The ring with the black circle is best for oily/acne skin, the plain white one is more for sensitive skin. The attachment with the sponge is great for removing oils, and makeup before scrubbing with the brush attachments. For the best results let the brush do the work don’t use too much pressure while using the brush.

It comes with a nice stand so you can set it by your sink or in your shower. The waterproof feature is nice to have the option to clean your face while in the shower. Also comes with a cute headband to hold your hair back while cleaning your face. 

Product Specifics: 

  • 3-STEPS DEEP CLEANSING: The main system of this cleansing Technology are strictly tested and designed with most advanced for 3 Brush Heads. With 1 sponge pad for simply clear away surface makeup & dirt; With 2 ultra-fine soft replacement and comprehensive exfoliating, Remove oil, dead skin, blackheads and whiteheads Suitable for all skin types ,even for sensitive skin, without any damage or expansion to your pores.
  • 2-SPEED MOTOR DELIVERS THOROUGHLY CLEANSES: Please turn low speed before you cleansing, until the face skin is adapted, The low powerful speed setting is for gently cleansing, and removing make-up, dirt, and grime from your face skin. The high powerful speed setting is for deep-cleansing, exfoliation, dead skin cells, oil, acne-causing germs. Bi-directional Clockwise & Counterclockwise Rotate provide you 360°deep cleaning. and effectively reaches hard to clean areas like the sides of your nose an
  • HARMLESS AND IPX7 WATER RESISTANCE: The advanced PBT materials is much gentler and softer than a normal facial brush. The diameter of the one soft bristle is about 0.05mm, just as 1/10 size of a hair of human. Power by USB, IPX7Water Resistance-100% WATERPROOF. which makes it allow to be used in the shower Enjoy the highest quality skincare products at home. Simply clean the brushes by rinsing under warm running water and allowing to air dry.
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY! You can use it with any facial cleanser or essential oils. Enjoy spa-quality facial care in your own home and while you travel. this kit will take up little room in your bathroom or travel bag. with a free women headband convenient for cleaning A perfect valentines day gift for your loved ones. Perfect gift idea for any occasion

How To Use our Facial Cleansing Brush?

Before first use, please ensure the device has been charged.
Choose your favorite foaming gel cleanser.
Step 1: Use our free gift women Headband Tied your hair 
Step 2: and then Apply cleanser directly to the skin or to the brush head
Step 3: Wet the brush head and cleanser
Step 4: Place brush to the forehead and turn on
Step 5: Select the desired speed
Step 6: Start cleansing and gently moving the brush in small circular motions

Tips: Pressing the brush into the skin with too much pressure may impede the motion and reduce effectiveness.

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keep a Good Daily Face Routine!


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